Distributed Network Service Providers (DNSPs), who are typically the authority granting permission for residential and commercial-scale PV system grid connection, must maintain power quality at all times for all customers. This online webinar discusses various network protection requirements set by different DNSPs, Australian Standards and the AEMC guidelines, and suggests practical ways for installers to meet these requirements when applying for grid connection approval.

The purpose of this online webinar is to introduce PV designers and installers to microgrids, which are increasingly recognised and valued by network providers and policy makers. It covers the difference between microgrids, mini-grids and embedded networks, identifies some of the regulatory implications, and proposes practical pathways to microgrid implementation for renewable energy industry participants.

Energy storage may not always be economically viable for a client using traditional measures, as current battery technologies are still relatively expensive. This webinar demonstrates 13 separate value streams that might be derived from energy storage systems, and how these can save clients’ valuable dollars from the perspective of market services, network providers and electricity end users.