Work Health and Safety is a crucial part of the installation and design process of solar systems. The health and safety of all involved in the installation process should be the number one priority of installers and designers alike. This short course details the necessary safety measures and considerations required for installing solar systems. 

This course is designated to be a general forum. You can talk to other like-minded individuals about solar, batteries or anything else related to the renewable energy sector.  Any specific assessment related questions should be directed to tutors or to your course specific forum.

The Decoding AS/NZS 5139 – Battery Installation Safety Considerations is a face-to-face course that provides a technical understanding of the safety requirements for battery installations set by AS/NZS 5139. This course also covers battery installation best practices and other important regulatory documents that are necessary for battery installations.

This course covers the additional content that has been added to the GC PV Course as a result of changes to the Units of Competence for Designing Grid-Connected PV systems. 

Completion of the online component of the course may deem you eligible for Accreditation through the Clean Energy Council.

For contacting a tutor, please send an email to or call +61 2 9024 5312

This course contains the online component of the bridging course for grid-connected battery storage from grid-connected PV and stand-alone power systems, including several assessable quizzes and optional reading material.